MJKJ Handheld Game Console , Portable Video Game Console 4.3 Inch 3000 Classic Retro Game Console Pap-KIII , Support GBA / GBC / GB / SEGA / NES / SFC / NEOGEO – Black

September 13, 2019 - Comment

PAP-KIII Game Console Specification:Color:Black Screen: 4.3 inch screen Resolution:480×272Built-in: It pre-installed 3000 classic games on consoleGame format : Support NEOGEO / CPS / GBA / GBC / GB / SFC / SEGA / GG / SMS / NES TF Card: Max expand to 32G, please make sure the file format is FAT32 Camera : Support

PAP-KIII Game Console Specification:
Screen: 4.3 inch screen
Built-in: It pre-installed 3000 classic games on console
Game format : Support NEOGEO / CPS / GBA / GBC / GB / SFC / SEGA / GG / SMS / NES
TF Card: Max expand to 32G, please make sure the file format is FAT32
Camera : Support 200 million rear camera
Music: Support MP3/WMA/WAV/APE/RA etc. music format playing
Digital recording: High fidelity sound recording, support MP3,WAV format
Image: Support JPG/GIF/PNG/BMP etc. image format
Ebook: Support bookmarks,automatic browsing,music background play,front regulation and other function
Sound: Ordinary/jazz/pop/rock/classic/vocal/treble/bass/user customization
TV-Out: Support 720P TV-OUT video output , can play games , watch movies on TV

Safety and use:
1 Please don’t use and store the machine in the dusty, humid, high temperature, strong magnetic environment. Especially in the swimming pool, bathroom, kitchen;
2 Connecting computer with USB, please make sure the correct direction of insertion, otherwise it will cause the computer fault or the reverse fault.
3 Good communication connection in portable computer, do not twist the USB connection, so as not to affect the normal operation of the data interrupt.
4 Inserted or unplug MINI SD card please pay attention to run off, because the large current when inserted or unplug will cause unpredictable damage to the machine

1*PAP-KIII Handheld Game Console
1*USB Cable(without AC adapter)
1*AV Cable
1*User Manual

Every package only with charging cable, without AC adapter, The game console and power line is compatible with any USB charger plug, please use your own charger plug, thanks for your kindly unders

Product Features

  • Handheld Game Console : Built in 3000 retro games , 16GB 64bit operate system , Support NEOGEO / CPS / GBA / GBC / GB / SFC / SEGA / GG / SMS / NES , you also can download games with related format
  • MP3 player / Camera / Picture browse / Ebook / Recorder funcation,can connect to TV play
  • 4.3 Inch TFT Screen: Clear full color TFT screen with display scale of 16:9. Just fine in kid’s palm, lightest portable game console kept in pocket. Let you enjoy the best visual experience.
  • TV-Output : Support 720P TV-OUT video output , can play games on TV .
  • If You Find The Bubbles Or Scratches On The Screen After Receving The Retro Game,Just Tear Of The Screen Protection Film.


Anonymous says:

So glad I bought this!!! LOVE IT!!! *Please read UPDATES at the end*1st an aside: I’ve only played the games on it, I’ve no intention (for now) of utilizing the other features (music, books, etc).I’ve not counted the number of games but I have scrolled through each of the numbered lists and would say that 3000 seems to be a reasonable estimate!While scrolling through I noticed all the big name games I’d hoped for! Such as numerous Marios, Warios, Yoshis, Zeldas, Sonics, Tetris’, Grand Theft Autos,…

Anonymous says:

Good deal. I’m very impressed with the games, most run good, you might have the sound off from original game. There are 744 GBA games. 270 snes or sfc. sega genenis or sega mega drive,638. Sega master system,50. Neogeo,117. CPS,36. Nintendo or FC, 713. Gameboy color,178. Game gear, 40. Gameboy, 221.

Anonymous says:

really nice game console When I first receive this product. I think this item won’t be very good since it’s way too light. And after I try to count the games in this console. I only find about 20-30 games.But after I played for a while, I would say this game console is addictive. I played this console for hours. And I found much more games in the first icon on the down left. Really like it. Feels like I am back to my childhood.

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