Man with van "Man with Van" says:

If you’re looking for a $600 phone, buy a $600 phone I’ve seen a number of comments on this phone criticizing the camera. I actually like the camera. Mine is currently setup with auto features enabled. If I can snap a picture and post to Facebook, craigslist or ebay with satisfactory results I’m good to go. The test that matters to me is being able to capture details, like text on a label. Pass. 

Rick says:

It looks amazing and not as cheap as the galaxy OK so I have had this phone for little over a week now and I am def impressed. It looks amazing and not as cheap as the galaxy. Beside looks lets get down to basic specs. 

CC says:

Amazing phone… until BoostMobile touched it [October 11] Have played with the Sharp Aquos Crystal Phone for almost a week. I really like this phone, but, at least for me, BoostMobile tweaked it to a degree I can hardly tolerate. [October 12] And after another day missing some calls and texts because the speaker was muffled by my pocket, the Music Player not seeing the music in the MicroSD card, the wifi turning on by itself, and Boost Zone auto-updating itself without my permission, I finally have decided to return the Crystal Phone. But…

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