You can also control lights from your PC, even voice-activated X10 controllers. All communication is sent over existing wiring in the home — no new wiring required!


Ben Hollingsworth "Obi-Wan-YJ" says:

Nice features, good service, horrible reliability I ordered this module thinking it was just another inexpensive lamp module like all the others I own. When I received it, I discovered that, unlike my others of the same brand from years ago, this one has a “soft on/off” feature. When you send the module an on or off signal, it slowly ramps up the voltage over the course of two or three seconds rather than suddenly throwing the switch. This gradual change is much easier on your eyes, and it’s easier on the bulbs, which should extend their…

Robert C. Jones "Voice" says:

You gotta have it. I’ve been using these dimmers for years. They used to be available at that RADIO store, but no more. My remote gave out..after about 12 years, so I just bought another one here on Amazon. One of the best ways to decorate and create a mood is using a dimmer on EVERY light..then just tune up the room before guests arrive. If you want to use the dimmer on the new energy-saving bulbs, make sure the bulb has “may be used with dimmers” written on its base. My advice: Install these, set the mood,…

M. Gsell says:

Works as advertized 0

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